The North American Flower Essences for Pets


In the footsteps of Edward Bach
Autore: Cutullo Laura

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“Flower Essence Therapy is a therapeutic system apparently simple, resulting from the careful observation of human soul and how it is involved in physical illness, of which it is somehow responsible”. Based on this key assumption, the Flower Therapy finds, in veterinary medicine, a supportive evidence since the result of therapy escapes the possible accusation of a placebo or even nocebo effect. “The results obtained are solely due to the effects of Flowers”.
The author describes for the first time the use of North American Essences in veterinary medicine. “This books wants to be the sharing of an experience. What I tried, made, tested and used (happily, adequately, positively) so far, in so many years of daily practice with North American Essences, is available to all people willing to get curious and experiment on safe and solid grounds”.